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How much does it cost?
is US $6,990.  
Our cost includes all the elements for a complete functioning swimming treadmill for an indoor pool with wooden cabinet, PLUS the electronic feedback system (unique to our product). Outdoor models are slightly more expensive. Please ask for a cost sheet.

How much is the cost of installation?
It can be installed by a local contractor in a few hours. The unit requires only four anchors on the cement floor (plus two screws). We provide a mask for these anchors. We provide detailed instructions by Email directly to you and/or to your contractor. You will need a qualified electrician for the electrical connections.

How much is the cost of shipping?
Shipping is $400 for most States ($600 for water feature model). Please ask for a cost sheet.

How do I buy one?
You will need to send us a deposit of $1,800 to reserve the unit. The unit will be deliverable within eight weeks.

What are the operating costs?
The main motor, producing the water current, will use 2 to 3.7 Kw/hr, depending on the selected speed. The fountain pump will use about 60w/hr.

What are the electrical requirements?
220V, 20 Amp, Single phase.

Is a 3-phase connection required? Is the 5hp motor operating on 3-phase?
Only a 220V connection is required, normally available in any household. This is then electronically converted to 3-phase for the motor to operate. This design choice affords large savings for the owner in the electrical hook-up requirements.

How do I prepare for the installation?
The unit can be placed on any level surface around the pool with a load capacity of 200 lbs./sq. ft.. This includes any 4-6 inch concrete slab or a wooden deck.

Are there mechanical things that require maintenance?
No parts require maintenance.  There are no oil or pressure tanks.  All parts, motors and pumps have a lifetime of an electric motor. 

How does it work?
The water is moved by using a unique propulsion system which is able to push a very large quantity of water into the pool through an horizontal outlet at the front of the unit. A special distributor is used to even and smoothen the water flow. 
When the main switch is turned ON, the water flow starts accelerating until it reaches a minimum safe level. You can then enter the pool and swim.
The water moves along the length of the pool, from front to rear, at the speed of the swimmer.
The water enters the unit through a vertical 12" safety corrugated pipe, preventing swimmers from feeling the water pull; then goes through a stainless steel mesh, preventing small objects from entering the system.
The current generated in front of the unit allows a swimmer to continuously swim in place.
Two sensors are used by the swimmer to speed-up or slow-down the water current.

sensor functionality

In addition, illuminated switches are accessible by the swimmer, at the base of the water feature, to start, stop and "freeze" the water current at the selected speed.

XP base switches

A separate small water pump is used to generate two water streams, one from the front and one from the back, which eventually fall into the pool. These can be started, stopped and adjusted as desired.

XP front flow

How is it different from a Swim SPA?
The current effect in our product is far superior to that produced by jetted spas (swim spas).  Jetted spas pump less than one fifth of the water through high-pressure nozzles (see picture below). 

The jets in a Swim Spa: jet spa jets (See Hydropool Aquatrainer)

The water current in a Swim Spa is usually turbulent and narrow.  Water comes towards you at a high pressure, but in a limited quantity.  The RiverXP instead has a large water outlet (appr. 19" x 5") which allows a large quantity of water to move into the pool, creating a river-type water current.

The water outlet of the RiverXP:

XP outlet