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The RiverXP was designed from the start
with safety in mind.




Safe Family Fun


1. Electric motor protection against water
The totally enclosed electric motor used by the RiverXP (TEFC grade) is protected from water splashes or rain.

2. Electric motor protection against shock
The original motor insulation prevents shocks during normal operation.

3. Electric insulation of the shaft
The rotor of the electric motor is electrically insulated from the shaft of the propulsion system through a special insulation joint. This prevents shocks in the very unlikely case of total motor meltdown.

4. Electric insulation of the supporting body
The stator of the motor is electrically insulated from the body of the unit through a special non-conductive UHMW flange, tightened with insulated bolts and insulating washers, preventing shocks in the very unlikely case of total motor meltdown.

5. Electric grounding
A ground wire is attached to the support of the motor receptacle, preventing unforeseen electrical charges at the ground level of the unit.

6. Automatic plug disconnection
The motor power plug is designed to automatically disconnect (unplug) from its receptacle in the very unlikely case of a faulty or unbalanced installation, in order to prevent any electrical current from reaching the pool water.
Indoor models, as a further safety, are designed so that the power cord will unplug if the unit were to collapse.

7. Low voltage sensors and switches
The various sensors and illuminated switches are powered with low voltage, as to avoid any hazard to swimmers.

8. Low voltage fountain pump
The pump of the water feature is also powered at low voltage (12V DC), as to avoid any hazard to swimmers.

9. Non conductive support beams
The RiverXP support I-beams are made of non-conductive fiberglass, to prevent any electrical conductivity between the unit and the outside world.

10. Non-conductive cover
The RiverXP cover (rock formation / water feature) is made of non-conductive resin. When installed, it both prevents access to the mechanical and electrical elements, as well as providing electrical insulation from those elements.

11. Inlet safety (1)
The RiverXP inlet (under water) is protected by a stainless steel mesh, to prevent any small object from being pulled into the propulsion system.

12. Inlet safety (2)
The RiverXP inlet is further protected by an extension: A 12" diameter three foot long corrugated pipe with many openings provides for decreasing and spreading the water pull in a safe way. Underwater divers, who might touch the pipe extension, will not feel a pull on their body parts or clothing.

13. Inlet safety (3)
The inlet corrugated pipe's bottom opening is protected by stainless steel rods, so that children who might dive under the unit will not be able to fit body parts into the extension safety pipe.


14. Inlet safety (4)
The inlet corrugated pipe's openings are far away from the mesh, so that long hair is prevented from possibly becoming entangled with the inlet mesh.

15. Water outlet protection
The RiverXP water outlet (also underwater) is protected by three horizontal safety rods, so that children cannot accidentally reach the propulsion system with their arms.

The water outlet of the RiverXP:

water outlet