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Product Specifications:

Horsepower (water flow): 5HP, direct drive, guaranteed for life;
Flow rate:  8,000 L/m, laminar flow;
Water current speed:  up to 1.25m/s (4'/s)
Size of water stream:  488 x 120 mm (19.25" x 4.75");
Water intake: 12" diameter;
Propeller: Stainless Steel, guaranteed for life;
Parts in contact with water: Stainless steel; PVC; SINTRA;
Water speed control: Automatic electronic sensors;
Water speed indicator: Digital display - optional;
Speed control remote unit: Not required;
Speed freeze & memory: Illuminated buttons - included;
Smooth acceleration: Standard;
Motor overload protection: Standard;
Electrical isolation: Standard;
Electrical panel requirements: Standard 220V (3-phase not required).
Fountain pump: 12V DC - included;

Self Contained:

Contrary to all the other systems in the market, all the mechanical parts and direct drive motor are "under" the water feature. The only items that need to be mounted somewhere else (garage or pool house) are two electrical boxes. We provide the electronic cables from the electrical boxes to the RiverXP (up to 50' standard, or special order if longer).

This design simplifies its installation (and relocation), as the unit is shipped completely mounted, apart from its water feature cover and shelf: Two hoses inside the cover need to be attached to the nipples from the fountain pump. An electronic cable needs to be plugged in. Four electrical wires (for the main motor and ground) need to be connected and the cover needs to be secured to the base with two nuts.
Finally, the shelf is inserted underneath the water feature and secured with three nuts.

That simple!


When the main switch is turned ON, the water flow starts accelerating until it reaches a minimum safe level. 
You can then enter the pool and swim.

Two sensors are used to increase or decrease the speed of the water current. See "How it works" in the FAQ page).

In case you want to stop swimming and start exercising, you can easily stop and remember your selected speed, then resume swimming at that speed later on.

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Highest quality materials.

Guarantee on all parts.
(5HP motor and propeller guaranteed for life)

Further Controls:

Water feature base: illuminated switches

XP switches

Three illuminated push-button switches at the base of the rock formation are used to control your water current to a higher degree:

-You can completely exclude the speed sensors ("freeze current speed") and memorize the speed of the water flow at the currently selected level.

-You can stop the flow completely, then start it again at the last memorized speed. 

-You can independently exclude acceleration or deceleration.

Water Valves

Tho water valves are used to independently adjust the water streams of the fountain.

Digital display (option)

With this, you can see the current speed in a digital display. You can better monitor your progress and exactly know the speed of the water flow.